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Where writers work together :-)

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We are a community of children's and young adult writers working together to meet our writing goals.
Hi! This is a community for the people who have signed up for the 6th Annual JoNoWriMo+1.5 challenge. Please feel free to post your ups and downs, questions, requests for help, and everything in between!

What is JoNoWriMo+1.5?

Inspired by NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), JoNoWriMo+1.5 is similar, but allows writers 2.5 months to complete a project(s) of their choice. On September 14, participants will state their goals, and then for the next 2.5 months we will work on those goals together. Our challenge ends on midnight, December 1.

On official check-in days, I will make a post to the group and ask everyone who has signed up to leave comments and report their progress so far. These dates are:

October 15
November 5
November 19
December 1—OUR FINAL CHECK IN! PARTY!!!!! :-)

On these days, we ask that no one else make an individual post so that the check-in post is easy to find. Thanks!

PLEASE REMEMBER: This community is set up for members to post their questions, ask for encouragement, share their progress, and cheer on others. We are here as a supportive community only. This is not a competition in any way. As moderator, I reserve the right to remove any unkind posts or advertisements. (Note: I have never had to do this yet because JoNoErs are the BEST!)

Best of luck, everyone!

Jo Knowles (moderator)